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Frequently Asked Questions

How does our pricing work?

Our pricing covers everything except shipping your T-shirts to us. We include a great selection of fabrics, all materials, custom machine quilting, and return shipping.

What is the ordering process?

It's simple!

  1. Choose the size and style of T-shirt quilt you desire.
  2. Choose your fabrics/colors.
  3. Select T-shirts for your quilt and ship them to us.
  4. Approve the final design layout we send to you.
We ship your completed quilt to you within 4 weeks. Itís that easy!

How many T-shirts are required?

This is up to you. A small wall hanging can be made with as few as 2 shirts. Or even one, if the front and back are both used. There are some limitations to the number of shirts used to maintain the symmetry of the selected design. See our Products page for the patterns we can create.

Can I use any shirt?

You can use any T-shirt, sweatshirt, or even pants. However, since the quilt is usually made of squares and rectangles, some shirts may not work. For instance, a logo that covers the chest and sleeves of a shirt can not normally be made into a square or rectangle. Also, unless the squares are all the same size, the quilt style that we can use is limited. See our Products page for the patterns we can create. Ideally, all of the shirts will be made from the same material. 100% cotton works best.

Can I use the front and back of a shirt?

Yes. However, this would count as 2 blocks in the final quilt.

Do the quilts have shirts on the back and front?

No. The back of the quilt is made from a solid color fabric. The expense of putting shirts on both the back and front would be more than the cost of two quilts.

What is a T-shirt block?

A T-shirt block is a square, usually 12 inches on all sides, cut out from the front or back of the T-shirt encompassing the main design element. A block can be made from the back, front, or both sides of a T-shirt, sweatshirt, jersey, etc.

How long does it take to finish a quilt?

We will finish your T-shirt quilt within 4 weeks of receiving your shirts. Rush orders are possible. We have completed rush projects in less than a week.

Can I choose the layout of my T-shirts in the quilt?

Yes. There is a specific order form for each pattern. This allows you to select background, border, and binding materials. You also arrange the shirts by numbering the chart and pinning the numbers to your shirts. You can also leave the layout to us. In either case, we will provide images of the layout for your approval. See our Design Process page for an overview of how we work with you to design your quilt.

Can I select the fabrics used?

You can make color selections. However, if you want a particular theme for your fabric, we will try to find what you want, but cannot guarantee it. If you have a special fabric you would like to use, we can use it and deduct a certain amount from the cost of the quilt. Keep in mind that certain fabrics will not work in your quilt. If you would like to select the fabrics and colors, take a look at these Michael Miller and Robert Kaufman collections. These are a couple of the brands we often use. Unfortunately, many designers feature new fabrics that are hard to find. In our links page, we list a few stores with large online selections. A fabric listed on a store website is more likely to be available.

Do you machine quilt the T-shirts?

This is an area of customer choice. Some prefer traditional quilting, others prefer stitch-in-the-ditch. We also do tied quilts. Some styles have limitations. Ideally, you wouldn't quilt a blanket with a high loft batting and you couldn't just tie a quilt made from large T-shirt blocks.

Do you do embroidery?

We can do embroidery. We have a Pfaff Creative 2140 with almost every embroidery accessory. We also have the complete Creative 3D Embroidery Software design library. So we can do just about anything with embroidery. Most customers just want a name added to the quilt top. This is inexpensive and adds a nice touch.

What about special requests?

We are happy to accommodate your special requests Ė just ask!

How do I care for my quilt?

Unless your quilt is soiled, a good airing out is usually all that is needed to keep it fresh. You can also tumble it in a cool dryer for a few minutes and shake it out. All of our quilts are as washable as the materials selected to go in them. T-shirt quilts made of prewashed cotton T-shirts can be machine washed with cold water and machine dried. Be sure to wash your shirts before sending them to us.

Do I need to cut my T-shirts?

No! Please leave that to us. However, be sure to wash your shirts, so the colors donít bleed. If your T-shirts are already cut, contact us and we will work with you to integrate them into your quilt design.

What if my T-shirts have holes or stains in them?

Stains and small tears can add character to a T-shirt quilt, especially when there is a story to go along with it! We can accept almost any T-shirt you provide.

What happens to the scraps from my T-shirts?

We dispose of the T-shirt scraps. If you want to save them, let us know and we will ship them back with your completed quilt.

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