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Design Process

As Software Engineers by profession and long-time residents of Silicon Valley, we tend to take a high-tech approach to designing your quilt.

Once we receive your order and T-shirts, the first step is to take a digital photograph of each T-shirt. We then edit these photos to scale. Using our computers and software we design a quilt to your specification. Our software can handle most basic fabric patterns and colors. If custom fabric has been specified, we photograph the fabric, and add it to our database.

After we have digitized all of the components of your quilt, we create an electronic prototype. The result is a digital photo of the quilt top using your T-shirts, fabric requests and design input. This will be emailed to you for approval or further design changes. Here is an example of a previously generated prototype. You can compare this to the completed quilt in our Gallery


While a prototype is extremely helpful to visualize the finished quilt, the process isn't perfect. We try to adjust the T-shirt photos to scale, but the actual scaling isn't exact. We also don't touch up the photos. As a result, the colors may not be exact, wrinkles may show that won't be in the final quilt, or specks that show in the photo may just be dust or could be actual stains.

This process takes a couple of hours to set up. Once we have a design, we email you an image for approval or additional changes. Most changes are very quick. We continue this process until you are satisfied with the prototype. Once the prototype has been finalized, we begin construction on your actual quilt.

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