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T-shirt Quilts

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This quilt was created as a sample for a charity auction. It is from a collection of T-shirts from our daughter's grade school dance and drama performances. It is now used as an example in our studio.


This quilt was created for friends. It is from a collection of favorite T-shirts. The T-shirt blocks are in 3 different sizes, requiring a custom design. The end result is a 5x4 matrix but using only 16 T-shirts. The prototype for this quilt is also displayed on our Design Process page.


This quilt was created as an example. The Pacific 10 Conference T-shirt blocks are all 14x12-inch blocks. The Pac-10 Conference logos are actually photos heat transferred onto T-shirt material. The prototype for this quilt is also displayed on our Design Process page.

These pillows were inspired by our Pac-10 Conference T-shirt quilt. A customer saw this quilt at a show and requested pillows for her grand-daughters who attend these schools.



This customer wanted a grade school themed quilt to celebrate her son's graduation. This also uses Dimple Dot Minky for the backing. It adds a little extra weight and makes a softer feeling blanket.


This customer chose us because we were close enough to visit. Still we did everything through mail and email.

These 2 large quilts proved to be very challenging. The customer had already cut the T-shirts. Sorry about the pictures, they were taken at the last minute before delivery.


This custom quilt was also made from cut shirts, but fewer shirts of a more consistent size made this considerably easier. The photos were printed directly to fabric and a Stitch-in-the-Ditch quilt style was used. Note also that this customer chose sashing, borders, binding and backing all using the same fabric. An interesting and appealing style.

Another sports themed quilt with a subtle hint of embroidery. This quilt also used a high-loft batting. The batting, large blocks, synthetic jersey materials and a Stitch-in-the-Ditch quilt style all help to make this a challenging project. I'm sure with a little extra care, this quilt will look beautiful forever.


This quilt is made from our daughter Michelle's school uniforms. She will use this in her new bedroom at SF State. On the back is a copy of a stained glass mural of the schools spiritual leader. This was printed on 3 pieces of fabric, sewn together and then appliquéd onto the backing. The paw prints in the corners are also appliquéd. The quilt was finished with high loft batting and stitched in the ditch.


Other Projects

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This type of quilt is referred to as a Baltimore Albumn quilt. Baltimore Albumn quilts date back to the mid-1800s. They typically combine blocks of floral patterns and appliqué. This quilt was entirely machine appliquéd and received Honorable Mention at the 2009 Road to California Quilters Showcase.


This seasonal wall hanging is used in our family room during patriotic holidays. The flag is actually sewn in strips, then cut and re-sewn in this staggered pattern.


This is another seasonal wall hanging we use during the winter holiday. We have others for Fall and Halloween as well.

This Venice Rose uses over 800 pieces of material. It incorporates paper piecing and appliqué with traditional methods.

TThis customer came to us with a small security blanket she wanted enlarged and needed it by the weekend. Unfortunately, the micro-fleece material of the original blanket was too difficult to match. We created a new blanket around the original blanket's center block using red and blue Dimple Dot Minky. Very soft.

This pillow is a favorite of our grand-daughter Aria. It is double-sided with the same pattern on both sides, but only one side "sparkles". It is known as the "Sparkle Pillow".


These cats are also some of Aria's favorites. She takes them all over the house when she visits. The cats are blind! Patty has been looking for a solution for their eyes for a while. Since they are a few months old, I decided they will probably be blind cats for a while longer.


We made a few of these baby blankets using this licensed Eric Carle print. It uses the illustrations from his Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? book. The block arrangement gives it that quilt look. Two blankets were made using green and blue Dimple Dot Minky backing and stitched in their faux ditch. A third blanket used medium-loft fill and was tied with a conventional cotton backing (an Eric Carle Cultural Kids print from the same book). One of these was donated to a charity auction, the others were sold.


Our daughter Shayna saw this patterned fabric at a store and had to have some throw pillows. Our son-in-law Bryan proudly serves in the US Navy and they are stationed in Nevada. Since she was going home the same day, Patty whipped these up without a lot of extras. But they were just what Shayna wanted. Expect to see additional pillows for other branches soon.



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